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These are the songs that from other music games (Collaborationed with OverRapid) .

1.Dynamix (The iOS/Android music game from C4CAT Entertainment from Hong Kong)

  • Dynamix X OverRapid Collaboration (2016 May, Dec)

Dynamix → OverRapid

雲の国の王子 春菊 名無しの宣教師 流れ星に願うよいま...
萤火虫の怨 Fierce Heart Gallium Arsenide Oracle
Rom Corruption Wonderful Days

Dynamix ← OverRapid

Contour Crank up Danse de Romani Final Dash
Hemisphere Metheus Makes Me Wonder Nick of Time
Outer Space Riverside Cafe WaH!

2. Musync (The iOS/Android music game from I-Inferno)

  • OverSync Collaboration Project
Musync → OverRapid
1st collaboration After Dawn Beyond the Horizon Galaxy Striker Infinite Collapse
2nd collaboration I AM WEAPON Kerberos Keep oN! The Mountain Eater
3rd collaboration Tales of Ginkgo
Musync ← OverRapid
Final Dash Love Infection Makes Me Wonder Metatron -Re:Birth-
Love Infection Time-Leap at Saturday 10:00 PM Trojan

3. Milkyway TRAXX (A japanese music group)

Shelter [安息所] Metaphor Magic Show The Winter War
Aburaonigiri Melon Flakes Party

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