Free Play is the Main Mode of OverRapid. In this mode, player can play with the songs that have obtained, and this mode have the 6K and 4K mode that player can adjust the playing habit.

Game Ready

Before the game starts, the player will configure the selection of the difficultly or check the information of this song, and select the matching options. The player also can review their records or rankings.

Free Play Options

This is the option when playing the game that can let the player choose the effect to the notes or choose their gaming prefrences when playing.

Fore more info, Please click here.

Note Settings

This setting can let the player change the notes effect when playing the song. Each options can give each effect to the notes, like choosing BLINK effect will add the Blink effect to the note when playing. These options can also gives the extra reward.

Advanced Play

This setting can let the player configure advanced settings of playing, and enchances playing or challenging.

  • Now these options are combined in one and displayed as all.


P.A.R.T.S. is an new function of the new update in 2018 October 9th. This can make players to configure their playing style and UI before playing.

And now it is dont appears before starts playing then showed on the song selection menu.

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Free Play Console

This function can let the player to set up their play mode, download the song and BGA data or change the sorting of the songs in this time. The player also can change the 6Key or 4Key mode in there.

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