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These are the game mechanics of OverRapid.


Short Note: Tap on the keys when it is concides the judgement line. Its color is blue.
  • If they're appears in mutiple counts, they displays as silver color.
Long Note: This is an note that same as the Short Notes but need to keep holding until it's end reaches the judgement area.
  • The combo of this time will accumulate continiously, but stops holding when waiting will breaks the combo.
  • The timing of releasing dont affects the judgement.
Scratch Note: Slide in any directions. This note usually comes down on 3rd and 4th key. Its color is red.
Scratch Long Note: Same as scratch note but need to press down until it's end reaches the judgement area.



The judge of this game means the timing when player taps an note. Each judge effects the score and combo when playing, and each judge haves different score propotion.

Judge Score Combo Combo Gauge effecting
100% Yes Normal: +0.2%

Hard: +0.08%
Hell: +1%

60% Normal: +0.1%

Hard: +0.02%
Hell: -2%

20% -3% (Hell Gauge only)
10% No Normal: -1%

Hard: -3%
Hell: -10%

0% Normal: -2%

Hard: -5%
Hell: -50%

The main score of a song amounts to the judgement of each notes. Each note haves different propotion of the main score. For example, the EXCELLENT judgement gives 100% score, that means the each note's EXCELLENT judge equals to the main score rating of a song that mutiplied by 100. The formula of calculating score is:




Score range

MAXX (MX) 1000000 (Get all EXCELLENT judge on FULL COMBO)
S++ 950000-999999
S+ 900000-949999
S 850000-899999
A 800000-849999
B 700000-799999
C 600000-699999
F Under 600000 (Failing rank)

The degree of the rewards when player earn may effected to the grading that when finished.

  • F rank or fail while playing by using the Combo Gauge will disables all reward.
This indicates what if you completed this chart in certain conditions. This includes FULL COMBO (Clear with no MISS or BAD) and MAXX (Clear with only EXCELLENT while FULL COMBO) .

Game Options

  • Fade In/Out: Apply fade in/out effect to notes.
  • Blink: Apply blink effect to notes.
  • Auto Play: Play the game automatically. Disables reward.
  • Hard Judgement:This changes judge area to ±37.125ms from ±82.5ms, and disables control by sliding between keys.
  • Randomize: Shuffle around the lane that note will come down. The lane of each note will be randomized.
    • The option is now divided to "Line Randomize" and "Note Randomize" . Each option has diffrent effect.
  • Clap sound mode: Activate the sound effect when touching the key.
    • The key's sound in Android or iOS havs difference.
  • Mirrorize: Flip the side of the notes. The note will appears with the vertically flipped patterns.
  • Screen Record: Record the video when playing and share it.
    • This function currently is only available in Android.
  • Apply Combo Gauge: Add the "Combo Gauge" when playing. initial status is 80%. if the player lost a certain amounts of notes, the game will be instantly over. This option has 3 individual modes: Normal Gauge, Hard Gauge and Hell Gauge.
    • For the mechanics of the increasing and deducting of Combo Gauge, see above.



This option can let the players to configure their gaming UI style before playing, including changing UI style, Note visuals, pattern flow speed and the Boost Module when playing.

In the interface, the left side shows the effect when enabling these settings.

Gear Skin: Change the UI skin.

Note Skin: Change the player's note and effect style.

BGE: Change the BGE.

Speed: Change the pattern flow speed.

Boost Module: Change the using Boost Modules when playing. This section is only available under the internet.

Rendering Class

This is used as a representative value to measure the player's playing skills.