These are the options that the player's playing prefrence in Free Play.

Note Options

These are the options that can changes the effect that applys to notes when playing. These options can effect to the note's visual, these are Fade in/out and Blink mode.

These options may increases bonus when activated when playing.

Advanced Play

These are the options that can enchances playing or challenging when playing.

  • Auto Play: Play the game automatically. Disables reward.
  • Hard Judgement: Strict the judge when playing. This changes judge area to ±37.125ms from ±82.5ms, and disables control by sliding between keys.
  • Randomize: Shuffle around the lane that note will come down. The lane of each note will be randomized.
    • The option is splited to "Line Randomize" and "Note Randomize" now. each option haves different effect.
  • Clap sound mode: Activate the sound effect when toucheing the key.
    • The key's sound in Android or iOS haves difference.
  • Mirrorize: Flip the side of the notes. The note will appears with the vertically flipped patterns.
  • Screen Record: Record the video when playing and share it.
    • This function currently is only avaliable in Android.
  • Apply Combo Gauge: Add the "Combo Gauge" when playing. initial status is 80%. if the player lost a certain amounts of notes, the game will be instantly over. This option haves 3 individual modes:
    • Normal: Deduct 3% when miss a note. (Bad: 1%)
    • Hard: Deduct 5% when miss a note. (Bad: 3%)
    • Hell: Deduct 50% when miss a note. (Great: 2%, Save: 3%, Bad: 10%)


This option can let the players to configure their gaming UI style before playing. Now is seperated from Game ready section and moved into Free Play which can let them set freely.

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