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About OverRapid

OverRapid is a music game that created by Korean game team, Team ArcStar (Also joins the BMS event as Team Yesod).This game is the 6/4Key dropping-design with scratch, and it provides the more challenging of it. The game the functions like the player can play the obtained songs in Free Play, let the player join and challenge the season challenges and get rewards, and others.
In its first release (PRE Public Release), it includes songs from Korean composer mostly, like :Poin7less , litmus*, OptiU and more, and mostly songs includes the electro and hardcore songs.

FHD OverRapid Promotion Video

FHD OverRapid Promotion Video

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Game changelog

◇OverRapid 2.0 is out! (See update history)

Prayer network is re-opened now
◈Level system changed: Level range is expanded to 1-20
◈Music pack Original Pack 13 is availiable
◈Music pack Original Pack 12 and 4K Mode patterns to all songs are availiable now
◈ Added all 6K Advanced pattern to all songs.

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