WyvernP (Feat. Madol)

Update ???
Unlock Original Pack 13
Level 6K 1 10 11 17
4K 1 8 - 13
Notes 6K 347 754 1104 1855
4K 373 634 - 1117
BPM 173 Genre Symphonic Dubstep Length 2:25
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Panzer Battalion


This is the story for one character of misery
Diffuse out from the old brown tube
It's the anguish, sad and fury
My tears are falling down
Can you see my sorrow through the screen?
I need you now but I couldn't even try
Oh dear, my love trapped inside of my fear
The data world is breaking down at once
All those number of the walls are fading away
The pieces of the memories are gone
I'm still alive in empty hive so cry

Oh, the hidden face behind of blurry screen
(Now It) seems like you forgetting everything from me
Oh, please my dear won't you come back to me
There's nothing left to say but I'm still here alive

This is the story for one character of misery
Counting down of the farewell to the end
So I said with waving goodbye
I'm left behind the memories and fall asleep by lullaby


Official Sounds


-FRENZ2018--G2R2018- Palescreen - FRENZ Editon




  • This song was first appeared in FRENZ2018 and G2R2018. in G2R2018 it placed with 175th rank.
  • This song is also appeared in Lanota in its collaboration with OverRapid.
  • This song can also be found in Phigros.
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