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Season Challenges is a mode that was added in 1 May, 2018.

This mode contains season challenge events held by official, which allows player to clear the challenge progress, check progress and get limited rewards.


General Play

Each challenges in this mode will start and end in official setting. The players can cost their exclusive currency to challenge and get rewards.

Connection Gauge

This mechanic is an health meter or clear meter. Now also applied to Free Play mode which divided by 3 mode (Normal/Hard/Hell) .


Each challenges have their different missions. The player must clear all missions that the challenges set, and the game will be over when one of the mission is failed, no matter connection gauge is full or emptied.

Exclusive currency

The exclusive currencies in this mode is used for challenging missions or purchase the items in the shop of this mode.

There are 3 currencies that exclusive for this mode:

Image Name Info
SP (Season Points) Render the Over Stage: Uses for payment that are required before playing the challenges.

Arcane Protocols: Uses as the purchasing of the Season Challenge related items.

Arcane Packets Added since "Arcane Protocols". This is used as the payment that are required before playing the challenges.

1 Minutes charges 10 Arcane Packets, and the default max capacity of it is 1000, the extended max capacity is 1500.

Dummy Data.png
Dummy Data Added since "Arcane Protocols". This is used as for payment in Dummy Data Conversions since "Arcane Protocols" .

This can be obtained via clear each songs in chapters in each Networks, or play the special marked songs called "Dummy Data Mining Target" which can obtain them.

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